Adobe Reader DC in InTune

This is a less than ideal situation. Unfortunately with Reader you’re quite limited in what you can do, without doing exhaustive workarounds. The process was somewhat simple in SCCM, where I would utilize the original .MUI install from 2015 as a pre-requisite for the latest .msp file available. This ensured that I always had the latest Adobe Reader installation deployed in my environment.

Any such dreams have been squashed by InTune and the inherent limitations therein, so the only viable solution I have found is:

  • Sign up for Adobe Distribution so you get the FTP download links. According to the EULA I am not allowed to link to them.
  • Download the 2015 setup.exe and extract it using winrar, 7zip or similar.
  • Run Adobe Customization Wizard and create a transform file.
  • Download the 2015 .msi version of the software in your desired language.
  • Use a tool like InStedIT to embed the transform file in to the .msi file.
  • Deploy the altered .msi via InTune using /qn installation parameters.

This does work, you just have to recognize that Adobe Reader will be installed in a very old version and you’re relying on third party tools or the auto-updater to run and update the software in the background.

It really isn’t how I would prefer to go about it, but no other solution has presented itself that seems workable in the long term or that doesn’t require inordinate amounts of work to maintain. Thankfully my endpoint solution of choice does help keep software up-to-date, so it matters less in my case. Just be aware.

If anyone has found a more elegant solution to this, please do share.

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